Take a Risk

 A few teachers have mentioned that they have tried to take a risk with their lessons, either by trying to integrate technology, flipping their classroom, or putting the learning directly in the hands of students. It is important for us to encourage our students to take risks in their learning.  We can encourage them to try out a new presentation technique or to explore their creative side.   Inorder for our students to succeed in the 21st century world, they will need to learn to be creative, innovate, and think outside of the box.  What better way to promote innovation and creativity than by modeling it ourselves in the classroom.  

So here is the challenge for December….take a risk with one of your lessons.  Here a few ideas to get you thinking….

  • Try out a new type of technology–have the students create videos explaining their science lab results or math problems….and then post it online
  • Integrate a new app such as Voicethread for a collaborative online discussion/presentation.  
  • In English, reach out to the offer online of a book the students are reading to Skype with the author.  
  • In Wellness, have the students make movies illustrating proper fitness techniques for a workout of a day video ad.  
  • In history, use Google Earth to track historical events or have them create a timeline electronically
  • In world language–have the students create their own practice examples on the vocabulary, post it online for others to respond to prompts.
  • In business–have students contact business leaders or entrepreneurs or follow them on Twitter.  Do twitter chat.
  • In art–have the students create digital portfolios of their sketchbooks


Please share your risk-taking lesson with us, so we can come see it and share new ideas!

Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show

his is a video that was shown at the NASSP conference last month in Tampa, FL to illustrate the power of using videos for learning and for one of the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy–creation.
This is a video series done by a young girl named Sylvia who learns how to make things and shares her knowledge through her online series.  This will wow you!

Discussion Question:  How do you think you can use videos to raise the level of learning for our students?  Just imagine what our students could make and teach us like Sylvia!