Reading Comprehension

What the Common Core Standards do and don’t value in reading comprehension.

The following are a list of phrases that are repeated throughout all of the K-12 Common Core Standards:
“close, attentive reading”
“critical reading”
“reasoning and use of evidence”
“comprehend, evaluate, synthesize”
“comprehend and evaluate”
“understand preciesely…question..assess the veracity”
“cite specific evidence”
“evaluate other points of view critically”
“reading independently and closely”

The following phrases are NOT in the Common Core:
“make text-to-self connections”
“access prior knowledge”
“explore personal response”
“relate to your own life”

In summary, the Common Core deemphasizes places a large emphasis on textual analysis rather than reading as a personal act.  The focus is academic reading.

With this big shift towards academic and analytical reading across all grade levels and disciplines think about how this effects your own classroom.  Look specifically at the questions you are asking students.  Are they asked to “cite specific evidence” from the text and are they asked to “analyze and compare and contrast and evaluate” what they are reading using textual evidence support their responses?

Source:  “Pathways to the Common Core” by Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, Christopher Lehman.