Four Questions

From the Trilling and Fadel (2009) book 21st Century Skills, the authors start off in the introduction with what they call the “Four Question Exercise.”

They ask you to imagine if you have a child who is just starting preschoool or kindergarten this year to consider the following questions:

Question #1:  What will the world be like twenty or so years from now when your child has left school and is out in the world?

Question #2:  What skills will your child need to be successful in this world you have imagined twenty years from now?

Question #3:  Now think about your own life and the times when you were really learning, so much and so deeply, that you would call these the “peak learning experiences” of your life.  What were the conditions that made your high-performance learning experiences so powerful?

Question #4:  What would learning be like if it were designed around your answers to the first three questions?

Discussion Question:  Please share your thoughts on any of the above questions.

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