Innovative Ideas from Twitter

The following are a number of resources to share on new and innovative concepts.  All of these were found in about 15 minutes by reviewing tweets from people or organizations I follow on Twitter.  I encourage you to get a Twitter account for the sole purpose of receiving the most up-to-date resources available.  Please see me if you want assistance in setting up a Twitter Account.  Enjoy!

Check out these fun Pi Day song videos!  (Do you think our math department can create a new Pi Song?)

Ted Ed Videos for Schools  (Do you think you could integrate one of these short videos into your lesson?)

Why My Six-Year Old Students Have Digital Porfolios  (Have you considered having students create electronic portfolios?)

Five Web 2.0 Sticky Notes Sites  (Need a new way to get organized?)

Transform Students into Curators with MuseumBox  (Looking to bring history to life in a different way?)

ChronoZoom:  Visualizing Big History  (Want students to contribute to an open source project?)

For the discussion board, please share one innovative idea you have found!

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