“Collaboration is no longer a choice; it is a necessity.  Working together….is essential in order to address the increasingly diverse and sometimes daunting needs of students.  If we work together, both when it is easy and when it is difficult, we can meet these needs.”  Marilyn Friend, University of North Carolina

What is co-teaching?
We define co-teaching as two credentialed teachers teaching together at the same time in the same classroom.  
The advantages of co-teaching include:
–downsizing an overcrowded classroom
–managing behavior challenges
–designing curriculum to meet to greater variety of student needs
–sharing various classroom responsibilities
–modeling teamwork for students
(Fattig & Taylor, (2008)  Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom, p. 4).

Check out the following articles on co-teaching:

 Ten Steps to Collaborative Teaching between special education and general education:

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