Article Analysis

One strategy to increase students’ literacy skills and to prepare them to become critical consumers and analytic thinkers is to provide them with a high frequency of articles.  In order for students to become productive members of society and to evaluate the onslaught of information coming at them from TV, news outlets, and online sources, the students need to start build up their prior knowledge.  This is where the introduction of a strategy called “Article of the Week” can be highly effective for introducing students to informational texts.  Many of our teachers are already using a similar technique–environmental articles in Environmental Science, current events in history classes, analysis of blogs in 21st century learning and video game design, article analysis in English…..

Please check out this following blog on using the “Article of the Week Strategy.”  This strategy could be applied across all of our disciplines to enhance our student’s background knowledge.  (Wellness article analysis?  Art and music critiques?  Spanish news stories?…)
Discussion Question:  If you are using a similar article of the week strategy please share how you organize and evaluate the strategy with your students.

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