Checking for Understanding

How do we know that our students are getting it?  There are numerous quick strategies to check for student understanding in class.  How many of these techniques are you using in the classroom?  What kinds of informal and formal formative assessments are taking place? Do you employ a wide variety of strategies to help engage students?  Here are a few new ideas to help you get started…

  • Hand Signals:  Students make gestures with hands to signal an answer.
  • Roll the Dice:  students are in groups of six and are designated a number 1-6.  When their number is rolled on the dice they share their information or answer.
  • Response Boards:  students use mini whiteboards/chalkboards or laminated construction paper to write ideas and answers.  They hold them up for the teacher to see when prompted.
  • Think-Pair Share:  all students receive individual time to formulate an answer, pair up with a partner to discuss and then share out to the class





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