Curriculum Mapping as a Journey: Part 1— "Why Map?"

Our journey in mapping….not always a straight path and not always easy, but it as we struggle up that mountain, it is important to remember our destination and to reflect on the process.

I’m hoping that the following curriculum mapping journey will be helpful to other districts who are also going through this process.  Another objective is to provide myself and members in my own district the opportunity to pause and reflect on the beginning of our process and in subsequent entries—how far we have come from these beginning stages.

Our Journey In Mapping

1.  Kick-off

 2.  Why Map?  6 Big Ideas in Curriculum Mapping

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year our faculty members watched and discussed the following video on the 6 Big Ideas in Curriculum Mapping, presented by Atlas Rubicon representatives, as we embarked on beginning the process of Stage 1 of mapping desired results.

3.  The Vision of our Graduates:  We discussed that all of us were working together to prepare our students to graduate college and career ready and collaborated on what skills we wanted our graduates to have for life.
A graduate from the Mendon-Upton Regional School District Should be able to…..

4.  Curriculum as Building Blocks in Learning.  The Strength of the Standards:  We looked closely at the standards to uncover how they are building blocks of skills that will lead our students to be college and career ready by graduation.

5.  Thinking about Enduring Understandings:  We discussed our own reasons why creating curriculum maps were important.  We discussed setting priorities for the work.

6.  External Support:    We received external support from the DESE DSAC representatives at some grade levels to help with the process:

7.  Framing what is Essential:  Check out this Movenote screencast created to explain how to frame an essential question:


8.  Outline of Curriculum Guidelines:  The following curriculum guideline packet was provided to all teachers to assist them through the various stages of the mapping process.

Best of luck to you as you begin your own journey in mapping!


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